Hi, We’re ApotheAid. 👋

Dane Van Lizzen, Pharm.D
“I founded ApotheAid with the belief that treatment begins with being prepared. When I set out to develop ApotheAid, I envisioned something compact, simple, and backed by quality products. We challenged ourselves to reimagine the over-the-counter aisle. The result is ApotheAid. With us, you’ll know you have something available and won’t have to make a last minute drive at 10pm to the drug store.”
Ingrid Zyserman, Pharm.D
"One of the key factors in creating ApotheAid was focusing on a product that was environmentally friendly by decreasing the amount of medications thrown out or wasted. This allows for less cabinet clutter and is also wallet friendly. Drug store over-the-counter aisles have become increasingly cluttered with products containing therapeutically similar ingredients. ApotheAid makes it easier for patients to have medications on hand to treat a variety of symptoms."